Data Visualization | Day 6

This session was on 19th march, 2021

After our previous discussion, the direction of the project had shifted towards chicken, majorly their breeds/ how poultry industry automation and modification has affected chickens.

I went into an explorative research and collected some data on how the poultry industry revolution has affected chicken.

I found this particular graph to be astounding , because it shows the startling disparity among all the animals slaughtered for food. Since 1961, the annual number of animals cut other than chicken has grown merely a couple billions, whereas the number of chickens slaughtered has increased almost 10 times, which is 60 billion. Once a delicacy, and now a common snack, surely, the poultry industry has come a long way.

All of the research was fine, but the problem proposed by sir was that the data wasn’t my own. It means that this was someone else’s research, and just using it like that wouldn’t be appropriate. He told me to ‘make the data my own’, which means to include some sort of work, like calculating something with a formula, etc. So, for the next time, I focused on chicken breeds.



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