Data Visualization | Day 7

This session was on 26th March, 2021

In the first half of the class, we discussed things about sir’s past life, his experience at Pearl, ex-girlfriends, etc. Then sir told us to watch this trending song named ‘Enjoy Enjaami’, which was by A.R. Rahman’s studio.

I found it to be interesting, and upon further reading, I came to know that this song was based on the stories that the singer’s grandmother used to tell him as a child. Also, this song’s production quality was top notch.

After all this, we all discussed our progress in our projects. I had done research on Indian chicken breeds, and collected the data on three parameters: annual egg production, age at adulthood, and weight at adulthood. The online data is really badly documented on this topic, unlike ingredient prices, which could be just picked up from shopping sites. After our discussion, it was decided that I should collect some quantitative data on chickens like which chickens were used to genetically modify/ breed the new variant, etc.