Data Visualization | Day 8

This session was on 9th April 2021

Static version
Interactive version

In this session, two external faculties had joined us to give us feedback on our projects. I completed my project before hand and had two versions of my data visualization ready: Static and Interactive. I was basically visualizing data on 7 Indian chicken breeds

I started with showing them my final outcome first, and then my process.

Their feedback: They said that there was a digression as I started with biryani and ended up with chicken. They also questioned my choice of data sets, and said that I should have included prices too. Overall, they tried to say that there was execution but not intention. I disagree with all these points. Firstly, I think they didn’t understand the nature of the exercise. The point was not to come up with something biryani related, but biryani was just a starting point, meant only for initialization. We had the complete freedom to change our focus in whichever direction the project took us. Second, they told me to include prices, but prices vary largely based on location and time. Prices change everyday. So, there was no point in creating a visualization with data relating to just one specific place at one specific time. Third, they said that there was no intention, or the ‘inquiry’ was not strong enough. I don’t think it needs to be. Take the example of the book ‘Dear Data’. The data in that book is as trivial as it can get. My data wasn’t so trivial. It encapsulated the data of 7 species across 3 datasets in a compact circular graph, and data in a similar form could prove useful for poultry farmers.



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