Game Design | Day 11

Aamir Shaikh
2 min readApr 2, 2021

This session was on 25th March, 2021

In today’s session, all the teams were going to discuss their progress on the either/or card games. However, the previous weekend, we sent sir a short 4 minute update. We basically revisited the material talked about in the course previously for direction. We concluded that our game would be somewhere between World Factory and Black Mirror Bandersnatch, as World factory was strongly focused on choices, and Bandersnatch was focused on narrative. We imagined our card game to have both, a strong narrative and choice based outcomes.

In our story we tried to follow the three act structure, with the first part almost done. In the first part, we set up the story with some unusual events and different objects.

We tried to look at some interesting ethical/ puzzling concepts revolving around game theory and collected references from different movies on how we can implement these concepts/ games.

We wrote our backstory, narrative, asked ourselves questions for direction, and worked on the story elements and objectives.

Lastly, it was discussed that the moldboard had to be developed further, with a more focused rather than explorative approach.