Game Design | Day 14

This session was on 15th April 2021

In this session, we started by looking at snakes and ladders. Then sir talked about different types of card games like Uno, Rummy, 21, WWE playing cards, etc.

After that we looked into sir’s past project, which was a card game he had worked on with two of his friends. It was about three characters and an organization called ‘DEAD’. The character descriptions and backstories were detailed. Sir said this detailing added richness to the playing experience, and that we also should try to detail our characters more. We also got to look at the game’s mechanics. He also shared the logic of using isometry in the designs; because isometry is 2D and it gives an illusion of 3D, and this fact matched with their game metaphorically. The game also had excel sheets for each character which had various parameters like vulnerability, success rate, etc. which was interesting.

By seeing this card game, it gave us some ideas that we then tried to implement in our own games, like a robust story detailing and adding more game elements using tools like randomness, success rates, etc.



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