This session was on 26th Feb 2021

In this session, we discussed some games other than mainstream games. Although felt like indie games, most of them were developed by a studio named ‘thatgamecompany’.

‘Bound’, a PS4 exclusive which released in 2016, was a game in which the player controls a princess as she navigates different dangers throughout the game. The trailer had a weird vibe, with eerie shapes and colors, providing a unique visual theme. Initially I wondered how the character would dance for such a long time in the gameplay, but when the game was streamed in the later sessions, I came to know that the character used to repeat a step over and over, instead of the whole sequence of steps.

After discussing this game, we went on to look at other games such as Journey, Abzu, Sky: Children of the Light, Flow, Flower and Limbo. One thing all of these games had in common was their calming, or rather ‘simple’ gameplay/theme. With the game industry flooding with complex RPGs and ultra realistic graphic games, it was nice to look at some simple, unconventional but interesting games such as these.