Game Design | Day 9

This session was on 12th March 2021

In this session, sir streamed the game ‘Detroit Become Human’, a 2018 adventure game developed by Quantic Dream and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

The concept of this game was based around choices. The choices that the players make for their characters would determine the path for them in their stories. Although this is an interesting concept, many a times, I realized that rather than choosing what we might really choose, we tend to choose other choices just to see what would happen in such a scenario. This also means that a player’s character cannot be determined by analyzing his gameplay choices, as it cannot be determined if they were actually his choices. Even though I couldn’t imagine the complexity the task of developing this game would have been, there was this concept of limited time for making certain choices which complicated it tenfold! It sort of put things into perspective for me.

Some screenshots from the stream:



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